Features of CristO

An invitation to join in DIGITIZING the Church
CristO is Powerful web solution for Parishes and Dioceses Built with you in mind

Family & Members

Combine families & members, stay in touch with them. Throw light on social and economic development. Track councils, commissions and pious associations. Can Print Single or Bulk Family Card. Can check the Family Member details from the Family Profile itself.
  • Provision for managing Families with the details Family name, Family Card no, Zone, Area, Annual Income, Mother Tongue, Caste, Community, Subscription Amount, Entry Date, Contact Number Etc… is to be provided.
  • Can view Family and Member’s personal information, sacrament dates, qualifications, occupation, gender, status, family units, wards, areas, relation and category
  • A Family can volunteer to various volunteer groups floated by Parish as well as Diocese
  • Provision for viewing the Data update status for each family be provided.


Maintain Sacrament Registers and map intelligently Understand your data through powerful reports Print certificates hassle free
  • CristO is an ONLINE DIRECTORY of registers of sacraments
  • CristO generates REPORTS and CERTIFICATES at a click.
  • Print Certificates at any time

SMS(Short Message Service)

SMS feature is available to send the Birthday, Anniversary SMS. SMS can able to send instant and Bulk.
  • Recognize parishioners on their special occasions Plan and organize liturgical events globally Track subscription, offering and donation with SMS
  • Send automated SMS on thier special days like Birthdays, anniversaries
  • SMS can able to send instant and Bulk.

Cristo Mobile App

We have Mobile App for CristO for Parishioners, where they can view their Parish Details, their Family Details, Parish News, Vatican News, Gallery, Prayers, Bible and the Saint of the day

Mobile Application Features:
1.Parish News
2.Vatican News
3.My Parish
4.My Family
7.Saints Of The Day


Subscription amounts are collected and recorded. Overall Subscription amount can be viewed by Parish Priest. CristO is a SUBSCRIPTION book that manages member’s pledges.


Donation option is available to collect the donation amount. Options are available to select Parishioner or Non-Parishioner. If Parishioner is selected, all the family or member records will load from the Family or Member Register.