About Boscosoft

Boscosoft though has its humble origin in the Yelagiri hills mission, today has a global presence with projects running for US / UAE churches, Sri Lankan Salesian Province to India’s Northeastern schools. It continues to operate from Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu with branches in Bangalore and Chennai but has representatives present in all regions of India for sales and support.

About CristO

CristO is an online portal for fostering the faith of the Christian community and strengthening the communities with an integrated information management system. This software will manage the information of a diocese which consists of its parishes, religious communities, apostolic institutions, families, members, related associations, commissions and volunteer groups.

Cristo will be used at the diocese, religious institute (congregation, province, community), parish, family or at the individual member level by distinct users. Of course, a family can have access only  to its information. A religious institute can access only its information. Diocesan administrator can have access to all information related to the diocese.

Our Vision

The vision of CristO is “Church sans Papers” – to develop a paperless, technology-driven back office for church management and administration.

CristO provides a platform to manage information related to the faithful, communities (parishes)  and institutions. It collates information of the Diocese, Parishes, Families, Members, Institutes and Institutions. It provides possibilities for scientific, comprehensive and accurate analysis based on the actual situations of the faithful, their living circumstances, aspirations and deepest needs.

It maintains a communication channel through SMS and e-mails to the members on various occasions like birth days, anniversaries, daily Liturgy, prayers, events and news.  The software also offers online information panels to different group of users to get instant information on demand.